Steeped in dark cinematic sound-scapes and complex, turn-on-a-dime arrangements, The Rebel Wheel features a frenetic mix of angular rock aggression, jazz phrasing, complex harmonies and unpredictable odd-meter vamps. Originally formed in 1991 as a fusion based midi ensemble, the floating lineup has gradually solidified to the current four piece featuring guitars, keyboards, drums and bass, and the music has focused more on a modern, genre-blending punk-jazz and progressive rock approach.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, The Rebel Wheel consists of leader David Campbell on guitars vocals and keyboards; Alex Wickham on drums, vocals and keyboards; Andrew Burns on bass, vocals and keyboards and newest member Marianne Dumas on keyboards and vocals.

While The Rebel Wheel has experimented with more modern electronic elements and loops, their core sound is based on the dynamic interaction of real players and real instruments. At times large and dissonant, at other times lyrical and direct, The Rebel Wheel features strong playing and unique arrangements.